Our history began with the "intuition" of João Martinho Moye, a young Frenchman, Diocesan priest. When he was preaching missions around the city of Metz, he was very impressed by the abandonment in which the girls lived in the villages. Missing someone to teach them to read, write, and especially those who gave them certain religious training.
João Martinho Martin saw when this situation was deeply challenged.
He began to ask himself what he could do to meet these abandoned children. He carried within him the experience of a God who is Providence, which takes care of everything and everyone "even the lilies of the field that today grow to disappear tomorrow" (cf. Mt 6,25ss).

John Martin was preparing, praying and discerning a project: (…) send younger as Jesus sent his apostles and apostles, able to go alone in these rural communities where there were no schools(…) He managed to communicate this desire for some young girls. They also felt challenged, willing to give a concrete answer on that situation.
Margarida Lecomte and three other companions were young sent in the 1st Mission to these villages in Lorraine, region in France. They were alone, without much preparation, trusting in Providence, at a time when the value of women in France itself was not recognized.
These four young girls started a new way of living together in rural communities with simplicity, sharing her presence with these families, educating girls who were disadvantaged. As they were living together of these people, they gave them the name "Sisters of Providence".

Certainly many people knew this young ladies who lived in the Lorraine region of France. For João Martinho and these first young, the way to look, to understand the situation, became formal, became compassion, became project, became missioning. That small region of Lorraine, the Providence of God was manifested in the active presence of Margarida Leconte and her three companions. They were able to "arrange" for those abandoned girls what they lacked, helping them to have more life.

The beginning of our story is there in the eighteenth century. Other young people were joining the Margarida Lecomte and the Providence seed was spreading. Today it is present in four continents.
As in the past, the Providence of the Father manifested to the world today through our gestures, attitudes, finally our way of life, to act in the middle where we are. We are signs of God's Providence in that we are "the mouth, ears, heart, arms, legs" of God where we are.
The Providence of God passes through us. She needs of employees and collaborators. It manifests itself through our actions and our attitudes of gratuitousness, compassion, solidarity, sharing, capable of generating LIFE and reveal what God wants to Provide for us.

We make this way making sure that God does not abandon us. João Martinho insists that have we have to trust in Providence, "Let us everything depends on us and God will take care of what concerns us."
Already celebrated 250 years of Foundation and Providence, throughout history led us to several countries and continents, 7 specific groups, but living the same charism and the same Spirituality, because we have the root in the same founder: Blessed João Martinho Moye. Thus formed the great "family welfare", we are the religious congregations: Portieux, St. John Bassel, Champion, Gap, Rebeauvillé, San Antonio Texas and Missionary Catechists of Divine Providence (Texas).

We have a large number of laity / the Providence around the world: children, adolescents, youth and adults who seek to live the spirit of abandonment to Providence, Simplicity, Charity and poverty within their specific vocation, whether single or married.
Another group is growing: the Priests and Deacons Providence. Already have a group of diocesan priests and deacons in Brazil and a specific group that forms in Ecuador, as in the spirit of consecrated life, living in community and sharing the mission.
Providence will manifesting throughout history, what we need is to open our hearts to the promptings of the Spirit that blows as and wherever.

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